Community Health

Promoting awareness & educating the community, empowering families to make healthy choices.

 Our Mission

Community Health is committed to assisting patients in a dignified, culturally sensitive and caring manner.

Community Health Services
  • Promoting health & wellness for the community
  • Discharge planning & nurse care
  • Employee health
  • Infection control
  • Flu shots
  • Prenatal & postpartum care
  • Track immunization
  • Coordinate blood drives & mobile mammogram
  • CHR Patient contracts & home visits, Mobile Food Pantry & Elder Food Box Delivery
  • Medication & medical supplies delivery
  • Scheduled transports to health related appointments
  • Health & wellness education
  • Promoting health discussions and disease prevention activities
  • Car seat education/instillation
  • Sexual health/healthy relationships education
  • WIC certification
  • Breastfeeding education
  • Dietary & nutrition education

Community Health Transportation Policy & COVID-19 Guidelines

Community Health Transportation Policy

Transportation Guidelines during the COVID-19 Response

Alternative Resources for Transportation

MTM Transportation Medicaid Scheduler: 1-877-503-1261. For Medicaid eligible. Will need to have  Medicaid number and the address, phone number, provider name and appointment location. Also may  be eligible to be reimbursed for gas, meals and hotel if the patient has a vehicle and are going out of the area (all receipts must be kept and a signed letter from the provider at the medical clinic you went to is needed but it is a great help)

Nez Perce Tribe/NMPH Transportation funds: One time per year for NMPH referred medical appointments. Applications can be accessed through Community Health. Only for appointments out of the area such as Spokane, CDA, Seattle, Portland and Boise

Appaloosa Express On Demand: (208) 621-4691

Nez Perce Tribal Senior Program: (208)-843-7311

COAST Transportation:  Volunteer manned program by donation. Notify at least 48 hours in advance 1-800-967-2899

Valley Mobility: $25 per pickup plus mileage (208) 503-5247

Additional fee for service transportation options: Ride Share, Prairie Transportation, Tolo Transportation

Community Health Service Hours

Located on the southwest end of the NMPH building

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:30pm

Saturday  &  Sunday

Community Health Team & Department Contact Information

Leslie Smith, RN, PHN, Director

Jackienna Hopkins, RN, PHN

Robin Brashear, RN, PHN

John Kelly, PRN (Kamiah)

Melody Spencer, PHN (Kamiah)

Susie Ellenwood, COVID-19 LPN

Alisha West, MCH, RN

Emilie Guzman, CHR

Renee Stanton, CHR (Kamiah)

Jessica Ford, COVID-19 CHR

Mike Delorme, Transportation Aide

Larry Greene, CHW, Transportation Aide

Tina Zinn, Transportation Aide (Kamiah)

Crissy Garcia, Child Passenger Safety Technician, School Health Specialist,

Julie Keller, MS, RDN, CDE/WIC

Valerie Albert, Nutrition Assistant, WIC Certifier /Technician

Reception, (Open position)

Lapwai 208-843-9375 Kamiah 208-935-0733

Fax: 208-621-4993