Pharmacy Remodel

Making your convenient Pharmacy Drive Thru a permanent addition to Nimiipuu Health!

Nimiipuu Health will be undergoing many changes over the next seven to eight months. We will post any updates and/or changes to this page as well as our social media outlets:

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Most Recent Update

Nimiipuu Health Update 9/10/2021

The Nimiipuu Health Pharmacy located in the gray modular building in the southeast area of the Parking lot. The tent has been removed to ready the area for the Pharmacy Remodel.

Effective Monday, September 13, 2021, If you are a patient coming in for a Community Health visit, please park in the back-parking lot nearest to the door.

Behavioral Health patient parking and access will remain unchanged, in the back-parking lot.

The RED area on the west side of the property will all be closed off to the public, as it will be a construction area for the next seven months.

The YELLOW area is for through traffic only, moving from west to east.

The PURPLE area a walk way for patients and visitors.

The GREEN squares indicate entry points into the building. The back entry will be utilized for Community Health patients only. All other patients will enter through the front.

The BLUE P indicates parking for patients and visitors.

  • Pickup process for prescriptions:
    • Park in designated spots on the east side of the parking lot
    • Signs posted on each parking spot will list 2 phone numbers to call
      • (208) 791-6775 or (208) 790-1841
    • The Pharmacy Runner will ask for your name and birthdate and bring your medicine to you

Please call your refills in 7 days IN ADVANCE for your refills, especially if you do not have any refills left.

If a pharmacist must send a refill request to a provider, please allow 48 hours for the provider to review your chart and authorize refills. If an appointment needed and you don’t have any refills left, the pharmacy can fill your meds up to the appointment date.

If you are started on a new medication, or have a complicated dose change, a pharmacist will talk with you in the counseling room located in the modular, which is handicap accessible.

If you are sick, please CALL FIRST for further instruction: 208-843-2271 ext. 2851

Please call for your refills 7 days in advance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cara Wilson at (208) 791-4286.